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Customised Web Based ERP for Retail Super Market Bazar

    Customised Web Based ERP for Retail Market where there is no such portfolio available in the current scenario. To be reluctant with something is good for some time but when the things does not allow us to be part with that then we have to be there to get an advantage of such scenario where there is nothing such thing ever. We are now in a position to be pioneer in the field of ERP for Retail Market where Markets are in remote places and human resources are not available.
    Though it is the fact of the time but also so many have ever tried much of the things, things are not moving in the direction where it should be. It is our goodwill to be the part of such association with the Retail Industry for decades and more. So only we are naturally supporting the industry for long time.
    It is our perception that when the technology is concerned we are lagging behind is not possible but also it is the fact of the the matter which nobody but we should take care of it. We are of view that when there is somebody who is not concerned about these things we should not worry for today but for tomorrow. We are not getting the situation in which so many complications are there, where nobody will help you out. So to be the part of such mission in which you will also participate will benefit you.

1.Focused Domain of Retail Market
2.Unicode Based ERP
3.Multilingual ERP i.e. operations in English language and output both in Marathi and English languages.
4.Management Information System Based ERP
5.Optimum Hardware Utilization Based ERP
6.Integration Standards Based ERP
7.Responsive for any kind of device 8.Auto Periodical Data Backup

Technologies we used
1.PHP as Middleware Language
2.MYSQL/MariaDB as Back End Database
3.Apache as Web Server
4.TCPDF for PDF Reporting
5.Support for HTML5 and CSS3
6.GIT for Source code versioning
7.XAMPP installer for apache friend
8.Windows or Linux as Operating System
9.Google Input for Marathi Unicode typing
10.Google Chrome Browser prefered

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