ERP Consultancy

Service Terms
1. Software AMC is a maintenance contract for the Software which is already purchased from third party software vendor with the source code.
2. The term "maintenance" is used for the alteration of existing source code to comply the demand.
3. Sometimes it is required to design new things which are not present in the existing source code will be exclusive of AMC and will be charged extra based on the nature of the programming work.
4. Factory has all the choices to choose the modules they wants to have AMC for.
5. For onsite visit, Factory will arrange the Lodging, Boarding and to & fro travelling allowance.
6. For offsite services, with the help of remote desktop software, maintenance will be provided.
7. Communication for office purpose will be through Business E-mail account.
8. AMC period will start once advance payment receives.
9. For Contract and other information you can contact at